Lobby Signs

Vinyl and brushed aluminum lobby sign adds panache to your entrance area. Silicon Valley Signs added class to this lobby sign with dimensional letters, acrylic and standoffs.
Logos really stand out when projected of off lobby walls.  Silicon Valley Signs used brushed aluminum and PVC for this lobby sign. Mission statements are made evident by these acrylic dimensional letters applied to a lobby in Santa Clara. 

Logos double as artwork for lobbies and foyers in multi-level buildings. We installed this for a National company.

Color coordinating interior signage makes businesses appear highly functional. Brushed aluminum with acrylic letters.

Showing appreciation for affiliates and supporters is used by companies that value their partners.

This lobby sign was created by us using thicker PVC and brushed aluminum.

Professionalism and class is projected by this lobby sign we did for a local dentist. Here is one of our signs reverse cut and installed.
We fabricated this from brushed aluminum then installed in Tiffany’s lobby with a flush wall mount.  Check out all of the Dance Academies across the Bay area. We fabricated this from acrylic then custom painted to match existing logo.
We created this with PVC, vinyl and painted dimensional letters.  We installed all the signage for SAJJ in San Francisco.  This restaurant owner is very particular and very happy with his signage. Comcast called on Silicon Valley Signs when they needed this brushed aluminum and acrylic sign for their office space.
This lobby sign was  fabricated using acrylic and brushed aluminum.

Brushed Aluminium, Painted Acrylic Letters